Metanotitia Inc. (“Metanotitia”) is incorporated in Shenzhen, China, one of the most vibrant technology innovation hubs in the world.  Metanotitia is built upon the advanced metabolomic technology that comes from MetaSysX GmbH of Germany (“MSX”).   Metanotitia will research, develop, commercialize and market worldwide the medical applications of the innovative metabolomics technology, focusing on early diagnosis and screening of cancer. Metanotitia is well-positioned to become a world leader in medical diagnostics using metabolomics testing.


MSX is a spin-off company from Max Plank Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (MPIMP), with a mission to commercialize the metabolomics technology. MSX has been developing rapidly, in Europe and worldwide, in the business of providing metabolomics analysis services to the medical, agricultural, and food industries. MPIMP and its current Director Prof. Dr. Lothar Willmitzer pioneer the studies of metabolomics, and bio-informatics.  Numerous scientific publications and IPs have been produced. They are the most influential force in the field of metabolomics. As CSO, Prof. Dr. Lothar Willmitzer will guide Company’s R&D direction — big data bioinformatics and in-vitro medical diagnostic product lines, with initial focus on the initiation of big data bioinformatic platform building and early cancer diagnoses.


Beike is an established pioneer in cell therapy in China, with a hospitals and research organization network. It is developing rapidly in personalized precision medicine, which uses precision diagnostic tools and bioinformatics analyses. Beike is also very active in global partnering to develop innovative technologies in cell therapies and personalized and precision medicine.