Biology Researcher (JD #: MNRDLSJD02)

This position belongs to life science group and reports directly to the group head of life science, it is the core position of R & D department.

With the assistance of the life science research assistant, you will work with other researchers in the team to process and analyze the metabolomics data generated by the chemical group; Combined with other multi-omics data provided by customers and partners, with the cooperation of bioinformatics group, comprehensively analyze the biological significance of samples, and sort out and publish the analysis results in different forms according to the needs of the project; And cooperate with health researchers to transform the research results into healthy clinical practice. At the same time, you will also coordinate projects across departments and involve in market work and external project coordination when necessary.


Main responsibilities:

1.      Project design, implementation and coordination;

2.      Mass spectrometry data processing (guiding laboratory personnel to carry out mass spectrometry data preprocessing, standardization and quality control in a biological sense);

3.      Multi-omics data analysis;

4.      Biological analysis, project results summary;

5.      Paper Writing and publishing;

6.      Transformation of research results into healthy clinical practice;

7.      External project publicity;

8.      Other temporary work.



1.      PhD in biology, biomedicine, biotechnology, biochemistry and other related majors.

2.      More than 5 years of experience in metabonomics data processing and analysis, proficient in the principle of mass spectrometry, and have a deep understanding of metabonomics technology based on mass spectrometry.

3.      Published academic paper in JCR first quartile as first author or correspondent author in the files of high throughput mass spectrometry data processing, metabonomics data quality control, metabonomics sample preparation and other related directions.

4.      Familiar with at least one statistical / data processing tool (R / Python / Matlab / Julia / Perl), knowing Linux will be preferred.

5.      Successful patent application experience is preferred.

6.      Fluent in spoken and written English.

7.      Strong logical thinking and analysis ability, good sense of teamwork.

8.      Familiar with common office software, such as word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc



Senior Bioinformatics Engineer (algorithm) (JD #: MNRDBIJD04)

This position reports to the head of bioinformatics group, mainly responsible for the algorithm development of diagnostic model, disease classifier and predictor as well as the biomarker discovery. interact with mass spectrometry engineers in the Analytical Chemistry Group and biology scientists in the Life Sciences Group in the R&D Department to perform optimizations of metabolomics pipelines and methods based on mass spectrometry. Apart from that, you will also conduct the patent application and scientific article submission for our research outputs. Therefore, this position plays an important role in core IP output in the interdisciplinary team of Metanotitia R & D department.

We hope you have strong learning and innovation ability, literature reading ability, logical thinking ability and good programming habits, can quickly apply the algorithm concepts in the literature to local work practice and optimize it accordingly, and provide innovative data processing methods and solutions.


Main responsibilities:

1.      Design diagnostic models for disease classification and prediction.

2.      Develop algorithms for biomarker discovery.

3.      Use deep learning methods to optimize and develop analytical platform based on LC-MS and GC-MS thus to improve analytical efficiency, annotation coverage and accuracy.

4.      Lead the bioinformatics-related R&D patent application/scientific paper submission.

5.      Supervise daily work of subordinate bioinformaticians.

6.      Share the latest knowledge in the field of bioinformatics with other colleagues.

7.      Other tasks assigned by the superior.



1.      Ph.D. or master’s degree in Mathematics/Bioinformatics/Statistics/Computer Science or related majors.

2.      3-5 years of working experience on bioinformatics or transdisciplinary (such as mathematics + biology) fields.

3.      Proficient in Linux, and in at least one of following programming languages: R, Python C++ and others.

4.      Exhibit expertise in machine learning algorithms and have source code-level knowledge on at least one following frameworks: Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch.

5.      Having certain experiences in metabolomics or multi-omics or MS-based data analyses is preferred.

6.      Fluent in English.

7.      Strong ability of learning and innovation, logical thinking and have good programming habits. Be able to quickly apply the algorithm concepts to work practice and optimize continuously.

8.      Good teamwork spirit and strong sense of responsibility.

9.      Be proficient with normal office software, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.



Mass Spectrometer Engineer (JD #: MNRDACJD02)

This position is responsible for mass spectrometry analysis of various samples in projects inside and outside the company. In the work, you need to cooperate with members within the group, use the existing liquid high-resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS) and gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) platforms to obtain test results and analyze mass spectrometry data at the analytical chemistry level, provide high-throughput and high-quality metabolomic mass spectrometry data for the life science group and bioinformation group, and help the life science group analyze mass spectrometry data. As a core position in the technical department, you will also be responsible for optimizing and expanding the AnnoMet standard database of Metanotitia, optimizing the experimental process and mass spectrometry platform, ensuring the stability of mass spectrometry detection platform and developing new detection methods

You will report directly to the group head of the analytical chemistry and technically assist the experimenter or laboratory assistant in the work related to the mass spectrometry platform; In addition, you will also assist the life science group and bioinformatics group in mass spectrometry data analysis and quality control.


Main responsibilities:

1.      Be responsible for the pretreatment, extraction, instrument testing and mass spectrometry data analysis of project samples.

2.      Be responsible for the maintenance and method optimization of mass spectrometry platform (LC-MS, GC-MS).

3.      Project development (new instruments and methods).

4.      Inspection and maintenance of routine instruments and equipment (including mass spectrometer) in biological laboratory.

5.      Assist in training and guiding laboratory staff or laboratory assistants.

6.      Other temporary work



1.      Master’s degree in analytical chemistry, pharmacy, organic chemistry, medicine and other related majors.

2.      At least 2 years of experience in mass spectrometry equipment operation in metabolomics related laboratories, familiar with LC-MS, GC-MS and other mass spectrometry instruments, and experience in high-resolution mass spectrometer operation is preferred.

3.      Rich experience in biological sample pretreatment and mass spectrometry data analysis, and experience in unknown structure analysis is preferred.

4.      Experience in high-resolution mass spectrometry, such as electrostatic field orbital trap mass spectrometry and time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

5.      Have a full understanding of laboratory skills and programs related to analytical chemistry.

6.      Good reading and writing skills in Chinese and English academic articles and having published SCI articles is preferred.

7.      Rigorous work, clear thinking, and strong analytical ability.

8.      Strong English reading and writing skills.



Bioinformatic Engineer (JD #:MNRDBIJD02

This position plays an important role in connecting the preceding and the following in the multidisciplinary team of R & D department, Metanotitia, and reports to the head of bioinformation group. In the work, you will interact with the mass spectrometry engineer of the analytical chemistry group and the biological researcher of the life science group in the R & D department to carry out quality control, data processing and statistics on the mass spectrometry data; Extract data from the database according to needs and deliver it to other colleagues; Responsible for the company's project application development and maintaining the operation of the company's database; Build metabonomic analysis process and optimization, and carry out the modeling of the company's diagnostic model and the research and development of molecular markers; Carry out the research and development of the company's algorithm under the guidance of the superior.

In addition, you will also undertake some external work, such as participating in analysis projects and explaining analysis results to customers, face-to-face communication at the technical level of R & D patent application, etc..


Main responsibilities:

1.      Complete the corresponding metabonomic data quality control, statistics, and visual analysis according to the needs of customers.

2.      Shiny package based on R language to develop applications to meet the needs of the company inside and outside.

3.      Maintain the operation of the company's database, extract data from the database and deliver it to other colleagues according to needs.

4.      Modeling of the company's diagnostic model and research and development of molecular markers.

5.      Carry out the research and development of the company's algorithm under the guidance of the superior.

6.      Participate in the analysis and interpretation of the company's government projects or academic research projects.

7.      Participate in project analysis and explain the analysis results to customers.

8.      Assist in the research and development of patent applications and conduct face-to-face communication at the technical level.

9.      Share the latest knowledge in the field of bioinformatics with other colleagues.

10.   Other temporary work assigned by the leader.



1.      Master’s degree in Mathematics / bioinformatics / statistics / computer or related majors.

2.      Have certain knowledge of metabolomics or multi-omics data analysis and experience in database use.

3.      Proficient in Linux operation, proficient in R language, Perl, Python, and other programming languages, and good at data visualization.

4.      Experience in machine learning, cloud computing, R shiny software development or mass spectrometry data processing.

5.      Good reading and writing skills of Chinese and English academic articles.

6.      Familiar with common office software, such as word, Excel, PPT, etc..

7.      Strong learning and innovation ability, logical thinking ability and good programming habits.

8.      Good teamwork spirit and strong sense of responsibility.



Life Science Research AssistantJD #: MNRDLSJD01

This position is an entry-level position in the life sciences group. It is mainly responsible for assisting biological researchers in creating new projects, including concept and framework drafting and editing reports and other publications, ensuring accurate analysis of data to biological researcher, and providing project support.

You will report directly to the group leader of life science. In the daily work, you should interact with the analytical chemistry group, biological information group and colleagues in your department to respond to internal and external requests. When necessary, it will involve market work and external project coordination.

We hope you have good data analysis ability, fast learning ability of complex projects, rigorous and meticulous, strong writing ability, and can consult English literature.


Main responsibilities:

1.      Check mass spectrometry data, assist biology researcher to complete data processing and perform multi-omics data analysis.

2.      Assist biology researcher in drafting abstract materials related to designated topics, to include the materials in work articles and project publications and provide analytical reviews and abstracts of existing issues related to the project.

3.      Coordinate inter- and intra- group/department work.

4.      Search the latest technology in the scientific field, update and check the existing knowledge database.

5.      Disseminate and train the cutting-edge scientific field for colleagues.

6.      Other tasks arranged by superior.



1.      Master's degree or above in biology, biochemistry, medicine, agronomy, plant science or related fields.

2.      Graduated from 211/985/prestigious research institute/overseas university is preferred, excellent undergraduates will be considered.

3.      Have good academic reading and writing skills in Chinese and English.

4.      Candidates who have published articles in well-known journals are preferred.

5.      Familiar with programming language and Linux is preferred.

6.      Have background in metabolomics/multi-omics is preferred.

7.      Be rigorous and meticulous, with good writing skills.



Compensation and Benefits

Development Incentives:

l  Focus on employees' learning, development, and promotion opportunities.


l  Provide competitive salary within the industry (telephone subsidy, lunch subsidy, year-end performance bonus, social security, housing fund).


l  Paid annual leave, inauguration anniversary gift, team building activities, holiday gifts, birthday parties, health checkups, project rewards, spot rewards, employee parental care. Assist residence registration and relevant government talent subsidies for employees who are qualified.

Work Environments:

l  Complete surrounding facilities and convenient transportation. vigorous team members and good working atmosphere.

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