Lothar Willmitzer
Professor, Director, CSO
- Braunschweig Technical University
- Member of the "Academia Europaea", "Leopoldina", Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science, European Molecular Biology Organization, Steering committee of the Berlin- Brandenburg Academy of Science
- Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Otto Warburg Center, Rehovot, Israel; Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Plant Biochemistry, Halle, Germany; Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Plant Genetics of the Polish Academy of Science, Poznan
- Director of the MPI for Molecular Plant Physiology
- Founder of 4 plant biotech startup companies with more than 300 employees
- More than 300 publications in scientific journals and books
- Close to 50 patent applications originated from the institutes under his guidance
Xiang (Sean) Hu
PhD, Chairman of Board
- University of Gothenburg, University of British Columbia
- Founder and Chairman of Beike Group
- One of the most influential leaders in Chinese biotech industry
Peter Sun
MD, President & CEO
- Peking Union Medical College, University of British Columbia
- Beike, NeoStem, China Xinxing Group
- Experience in both multinational and start-ups
Thomas Frischmuth
PhD, Director and Senior Advisor
- University of Hamburg
- 15 years as scientist in Norwich (UK), Vienna (Austria) and Stuttgart (Germany)
- Associate-professor in the molecular biology and biotechnology fields
- Director for several life science venture funds and manager of small and medium size companies
- Managed several privately and publicly funded international research co-operations
Yan Li
PhD, Sr. VP & CTO
- Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology
- Specialized in metabolomic data analysis, integration and interpretation
- metaSysX GmbH, head of business development